It has been a busy few days for me as a tattoo artist, i did five walk ins on Friday and on Saturday too so i have made more money in two days than i have previously in two weeks. It is not a huge amount but it is enough for me to pay off my rent and other boring stuff that i would not have been able to otherwise, so i am really lucky and grateful to the guys at the shop for letting me get stuck in.

It is annoying that i haven’t had time to get any pictures of the bits that i have been doing but i will list some to give you an idea;
-Black heart on wrist
-Silhouettes of birds on ribs
-Names ( i have finally been trusted with names)
-daffodils seed, blowy thing on wrist
- someone had ‘think before you ink’ hahaha, good job i didnt mess it up, although it would have been ironically funny i suppose…;)
-more hearts on wrists
-grenade on chest

So that is the sort of thing i have been working on, i long for colour but also respect that i need to walk a long way  and also jog a little before i run.
Tattoo guys seem happy with my progress, just need to work more so  i can save up for some equipment, ever heard of a working artist with one machine. ONE. a shader. Well, here i am. 
Lucky that i am allowed to use the many, many machines at the shop - phew.

On a personal note;

The picture is of my gorgeous ex battery cage hens, we saved them from an intensive farm just over a year ago.
We lost Floppsy our hen the other day, we suspect that this was due to cancer. These girls are bred and over worked in such a way that their bodies can not cope —- even when out in the sunshine with good food and cuddles, the damage has already been done.
The girls are saying goodbye to Floppsy’s pictures in the frame.
It does not matter what you do with your life, tattoo, shop, unemployed - you should always at least try to adopt a way of life that does not harm anything, no animal wants to die for you to eat their eggs, their calve’s milk, or flesh.
Achieve your dreams without stepping on someone elsesxxx

  1. Camera: Panasonic DMC-FS22
  2. Aperture: f/9
  3. Exposure: 1/60th
  4. Focal Length: 5mm
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